Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you design bridesmaids dress?

A. Yes my starting prices for bridesmaids dress start at $500 for the first 5

$400 and up for 10 and more

Q. .I bought a dress but I would like for you to add a train for me, how much do you charge?

A. Yes to add a train to a dress it will be $250 and up. You can book your consultation HERE.

Q. Do you make men suits?

A. No, I do not make men suits, I only tailor them after you have bought them from a store, just make sure when you buy a ready-made suit, that the shoulders fit perfectly. And the pants fit till the bottom of the bottom pocket.

Q. How much do you charge?

A. You have to be more specific, If you want a Wedding /Prom Dress then book the consultation online HERE.

Q. How much are your dresses?

A. prom dress starts at $600 and up

A. Soft base wedding dress start at $600 and up

A.  Corset embedded wedding dress start at $1,000 and up

Q. Where are you located?

A. I am located  at 909 park ave lake park florida 33403

Q. Do you ship out of state?

A. Yes we ship out of state.

Q. How far in advance should I book?

A.  At least 6 to 3 months in advance, for prom It’s different, based off the volume of dresses that are ahead of you.

Q. What should I do before booking you?

A.  Have all your pictures and ideas of what you want made and in detail then book your consultation online to come in HERE 

If you would like to speak with me you can contact me directly  561-880-1291.

Q. I am on a very tight budget, will you be able to help me?

A. Yes, In some cases, I can create a payment plan for you that can fit around your budget, the price of the dress is based soley on what you would like made.

(for example if the dress cost $1,200 I can break it down to 6 payments of $200)

Q. Do you have a payment plan?

A. Yes 50% of the total amount and 50% when the dress is done.

(for example if dress total is $800, you will require $400 down as a non- refundable deposit to start the making the dress process)  

Q. What form of payments do you accept?

A. Only Zelle, No cash payments.

Q. My prom date and I both want custom designs by you?

A. When you book, block out 2 spots instead of 1 and come together.

Q. Once I place my order can I change it?

A. No once I get your payment I order fabric same day, If possible you would just have to make a new deposit to order fabric again

Q. I don’t like how the dress fit me.

A. All body types are different, but if the dress fits you and  you don’t like it because of your body shape I will not be held  responsible and you will have to make a deposit to re-make  another dress. 

Q. Can I trust you?

A. Of course,  If you would like to see what past clients have had to say about their experience CLICK HERE?

Q. How many fittings?

A. 2 to 3, but more may be required based on the dress style. 

Q. How will you get my measurements if I am out of town?

A. Go to a local bridal shop and get professional measurements taken. We will then follow up with a video call so we can speak about the dress details and I will also write down the measurments.

Q. I’m very picky can you still design my dress?

A. Yes, being picky is understandable only when you “KNOW” what you want. But understand if anything I do don’t satisfy you I will not work with you, and you will lose your deposit. 

Q. Will you recreate my dress for another client?

A. No, If you bought it from my collection then yes.

Q. Can I reschedule my appointment?

A. Yes, do it within 24 hours in advance, or there will be a $25.00 fee to re-book.

Q. Do you travel?

A. Yes, I can deliver the dress in person for a fee, I will be traveling with my sewing machine so have a room prep just in case i need to do some tailoring.

 If you are out of state depending how far You would have to pay for one or two hotel nights + rental and dress deposit. If you need make up and hair two nights hotel stay.

Q. How many people can I bring with me to my consultation?

A. If getting married 2 at the most

A. If you are going to prom You can bring both parents