About Geonari Brooks


My journey started When I first met my wife, we use to go on dates and she would always be late so one night I ask her what happen and she said she had to wait till she got her dress done.
Then I did what most men did to impress a female on a date and I said (Oh I can make that) knowing dam well I never sewn in my life
Fast  forward
So i’m here measuring her getting her top ready for our next date, she tried it on and of course IT DID NOT FIT. But I kept on trying and trying
But through the whole entire process I enjoyed it, the fact the you can walk into a fabric store with what ever is on your mind and bring it to life through Fabric is just fascinating, I just found a new passion
I ended up getting fired Two weeks I met her from my job, I have a little boy so now I have to make this work.
All this happens in two week so i’m here figuring how to make clothes to sell, I don’t know nothing about business but my wife did
I didn’t even know what a entrepreneur was at the time, I just knew I had to make clothes to sell
It was a tough journey
But now I am a true believer that you can start from the bottom bottom with the last paycheck you receive after you get fire and still make it to the top crawling walking or jogging , take a break but just don’t stop moving
Now today my wife and I run a profitable fashion concierge service and get to travel with our clients (smiles smile)
 I will also be coming out with a course on how to help any upcoming designers get to the top ( CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE PAGE) If you click the link and nothing show up that mean its not ready